EY Assistant Mobility Coordinator for Africa in GT, South Africa

Title: Assistant Mobility Coordinator for Africa

Location: ZA-GT-Johannesburg

Job Number: JOH001IP

Job Summary:

Mobility in EMEIA is managed by a central team of Mobility coordinators and structured via 4 Mobility Hubs: Continental Europe, UK & Ireland, Emerging Markets & Nordics and Financial Services Organisation (FSO).

Each of the Hubs has a certain remit and has an allocated number of mobility professionals in appropriate locations who are responsible for the operational assignment management for a specific population within that remit depending on the volume and scope of mobility activity from/to a hub, region or country.

An assistant mobility coordinator is responsible for providing support to the Mobility Co-ordinator regarding the end to end assignment management of a specified in-/outbound population and will support wider mobility programs/initiatives appropriately. Main responsibilities include:

  • Main point of contact for all parties involved in an individual’s assignment

  • Manage individual assignments of all levels operationally by providing support to the Mobility Co-ordinator

  • Liaise with leadership eg re the approval of policy application, cost projections and cost allocation

  • Handle, clarify or escalate operational assignment management issues (assignment set-up, policy application, exception requests, immigration, tax implications or other local implications) by applying expert knowledge/experience and/or liaising with relevant stakeholders, local internal, external specialists or local authorities

  • Ensure effective cost management in cooperation with finance for the specific assignee population

  • Perform related duties as assigned or requested by the Mobility Co-ordinator relating to ad hoc assignments and JIT/RSP

Essential Functions of the Job:


  • Ensure efficient and swift individual assignment management within their remit considering local regulations and processes

  • Manage expectations of individuals and SL Leaders in regard to the necessary process steps and the needed timeline and keep all stakeholders informed, particularly in cases of exceptions or delays

  • Support business leaders and assignees in PMDP and repatriation process

  • Counsel assignees on all aspects of mobility, including policy benefits, cash flow/ exchange rate impact, and personal issue resolution in line with policy benefits and provide on assignment support with the guidance of the Mobility Co-ordinator

  • Arrange appropriate third party vendor support for relocation related services

  • Ensure that all relevant administrative tasks are completed ie by the administrative functions (eg shared service centers/GSS) like updating HR systems or databases etc

Outbound support

  • Liaise with HR or related functions regarding the individual’s current terms and conditions

  • Calculate and determine assignee’s benefits and allowances in line with the global policies

  • Assemble or review cost estimates

  • Support the agreement of cost allocation between home/ host organization/management

  • Secure final approvals and signature of authorization (SAF)

  • Prepare letters of assignment (assignment offer letters) and secure agreement from assignee

  • Conduct assignment orientation for international assignee including review of documentation,

  • Coordinate treatment of home social security with the support of Human Capital

  • Coordinate immigration compliance for assignees through host office or third party ie Human Capital

  • Arrange for appropriate vendors such as household good shipment, international health insurance etc.

  • Prepare/review compensation schedules/payroll instructions for split payroll setup and execution for review by Mobility Co-ordiantor.

  • Organize payroll, tax planning/ compliance and social security compliance in home country

  • Provide pre-, on- and post-assignment support to assignee and family in conjunction with host mobility coordinator

  • Maintain contact with assignees while on assignment

  • Review/approve assignee relocation related expenses and vendor payments.

  • Initiate the invoicing of assignment costs

Inbound support

  • Prepare/review cost projections for inbounds within area of responsibility

  • Partner with local HR re the application of local terms and conditions (if applicable)

  • Provide support for inbound assignees regarding:

Organisation of pre assignment trip (if applicable)

Visa and work permit issues

Relocation support eg to secure accommodation or schooling or general orientation etc

Facilitate compliance related issues eg re payroll set up, tax services

  • Liaise with local HR for the onboarding of the individual re office and host firm policies

  • Review/approve expenses/ vendor payments and intercompany invoices

  • Provide pre-, on- and post-assignment support to assignee and family in conjunction with home mobility coordinator and host HR.

Analytical/Decision Making Responsibilities:

  • Resolve routine queries and questions from assignees.

  • Ability to identify exceptions and policy inequities

  • Understanding of HR, Tax, immigration and financial concerns as it relates to mobility.

  • Ability to multi-task and handle multiple assignees while continuing to provide a high level of customer service.

  • Ability to support individuals through stressful situations.

Supervision Responsibilities:

  • Candidate needs to be competent to work self-sufficiently within area of expertise and remit.

  • Supervision will be provided regularly both from a technical as well as a developmental perspective

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

  • Ability to initiate, build and sustain productive, long-term and trusting relationships across cultures and across all levels of an organisation resulting in the successful delivery of projects and services

  • Excellent customer service skills

  • Attention to detail, very good time management skills and ability to prioritize

  • Ability to handle sensitive information in a confidential and tactful manner.

  • Strong communication skills -both written and verbal- with all levels of leadership/employees in various countries.

  • Fluent in English and preferably another language

  • Pro-active, enthusiastic and committed with a strong global mindset

Other Requirements :

  • Flexibility with schedule to support assignees and work with mobility teams in different time zones.

  • Ability to work overtime and handle increased work load during peak season.


Job Requirements:


  • University degree or equivalent


  • 2-5 years of professional experience

  • Preferably derived within a multi-national organisation in international Mobility

  • Preferably international experience either during studies or work related

Certification Requirements:


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