EY Tax Senior - GCR - MENA_NEW in India

Title: Tax Senior - GCR - MENA_NEW

Location: India

Job Number: IND0097A

Job purpose:

GCR Sweden currently supports only Sweden country. The team was setup in January 2013. The objective of this project is to achieve high quality and efficiency in the work performed by GTH team. GTH is currently working on selected elements of closing accounts, annual reports and tax returns. Apart from this GTH is also responsible to support Sweden team in other organizational tasks For example Check reconciliations ( GL against bank statements, Adding new clients to our tool etc.)

Basic job profile is to work on closing accounts, annual reports, and tax return. The applicant should have basic knowledge of accounting & tax.

Your client responsibilities:

  • Tax analyst is hired for his good knowledge of accounting, good communication skills and an ability to analyse medium to complex levels of a client’s financial activity in a year.

  • A tax analyst begins with the gather of data in order to prepare financial statements, and Tax return. They then analyse the information provided and draft further information request which are sent to the client (Sweden ACR consultants). Information once received is further analysed for the preparation of the return.

  • A tax analyst is expected to do all of the above for low to medium complexities of tax computations for Sweden ACR clients.

  • Required to have a good grasp of subject matter knowledge of Sweden accounting and tax law which they will be trained on initially and receive refresher training during the course.

  • A tax analyst is required to understand the global compliance process that EY follows and implement in their everyday work.

  • Quality comes hand in hand with work. A thorough “self assure” quality check to source data, correct calculation, presentation and accuracy of the work performed.

  • Good working knowledge of tax technological applications used in day to day activities.Required to adhere to administrative process compliance of service line such as submitting time sheets on a weekly basis, managing schedules, charging time and attention to status of projects.

Your people responsibilities:

  • Working closely with the team members of India GTH and remotely with French colleagues.

  • Working with supervisors/reviewers and GTH Support function professionals.


Technical skills requirements:

  • Expertise in accounting skills.

  • Able to read, understand and interpret financial reports.

  • Well versed with book keeping.

  • Data analysis skills.

  • Analytical thinking.

Additional skills requirements:

  • Should have experience and sound knowledge of accounting

  • Primary responsibility would be to perform end to end bookkeeping using MS NAV

  • Preparation of statutory financial statements and other related schedules using IFRS/US GAAP

  • Sound Working experience on MS NAV

  • Excellent Communication skills English

  • Detailed Review of the work performed by team to ensure adequacy and accuracy.

  • Understand the business processes and operating policies of the clients and meet the requirements

  • Ability to do multi-tasking and handle multiple projects for different countries/Geographies

  • Regular interactions with clients to understand expectation, improving performance.

  • Ensure continuous improvements in the process to bring efficiency and accuracy in reporting.

  • Good analytical skills ,Proficient with Excel/word and attentive to detail

  • Capable of mentoring team, excellent interpersonal skills.