EY Service Owner – Office Connect Services in United States

Title: Service Owner – Office Connect Services

Location: United States

Job Number: ALP001FC

Join our Core Business Services (CBS) team and you will help support the important business enablement functions that keep our organization running strong. As a CBS professional, you will work across teams to provide the knowledge, resources and tools that help EY deliver exceptional quality service to our clients, win in the marketplace and support EY’s growth and profitability. Major teams within CBS include Finance, Information Technology, Human Resources, Enterprise Support Services, Brand Marketing and Communications, Business Development, Knowledge and Risk Management.

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Job Summary:

The Service Owner drives the orderly, high level of quality service management activities supporting project management, staffing, audit and compliance and financial monitoring measures within Global Network Services. The role is the central point of oversight for its service in Global Network Services, inclusive of managing and reporting on the technology roadmap, staffing and yearly budget for the group, compiling monthly projections against plan and generally supports budgetary spending and other global or location specific financial agendas. The role supports the operational readiness and financial efficiencies of the business unit by reviewing the overall adherence to and determines measurement of required service mandates such as the agreed Service Level Agreements (SLA) for services. The role additionally coordinates procurement activities for the team aligned to the specifications of these directives. The role escalates financial variances to plan as well as noted disparity between the group’s activities and vendor contracts, SLA mandates and other provider obligations. The role supports the design, building and enhancement of end-to-end Network service delivery by working with a business unit’s senior leadership to understand the intended outcomes and benefits of, for example, automation initiatives and coordinates and compiles business requirements with others in Information Technology (IT) such as architects, technology engineers, specialists, and external service providers. The role oversees and compiles reporting against the implementation of a technical plan and the formal ‘roadmap’ to capture the short term and long term goals and aligned timelines for select business activities to support the orderly transition to the next generation of functionality or the operational readiness of the current processes and services. To maintain an ongoing review as to plan, the role coordinates quarterly business reviews (QBR) and, as needed, monthly business reviews (MBR) with vendors, business sponsors, and IT partners. The role directs and coordinates audit, regulatory and governance activities for the team and oversees through reporting the group’s appropriate measures in maintaining adherence to EY and IT directives for compliance and risk management. The role coordinates other select staffing activities such as the maintenance and upkeep of job descriptions, mobility and promotion readiness analytics as well as monitors recruitment versus staff levels based on location strategy. The role possesses a strong advanced understanding of the underlying technologies within IT and in particular for Global Network Services, provides information through formal metrics analytics and other aspects of knowledge sharing that is produced by and for IT teams. The role is a people manager and is generally guided by the Director of Global Network & Security Services

Essential Functions of the Job:

  • Drives global service management for Global Network Services through metrics and other reporting, team leadership, project execution and coordination activities to improve, refine and guide the quality and financial management processes for the business.

  • Monitors the agreed definition and implementation of Global Network Services strategy, projects and directives aligned to the overall IT service requirements in automation and general process improvement directives. Identifies the appropriate maintenance and monitoring of an agreed project’s time line, agreed deliverables and other requirements to support the department and its objectives.

  • Develops team members by ensuring training and certifications are pursued annually. Mentors and guides junior members and ensures they are networked within and outside the department.

  • Directs the quality management processes for Global Network Services through the creation and review of analytics to assess such mandates as overall adherence to Operational Level Agreements (OLA) as well as Service Level Agreements (SLA) as a measure of service standards against business and efficiency directives.

  • Drives and conducts as agreed QBRs and MBRs with aligned vendors, business sponsors and collaborating teams across IT to monitor measures to maintain operational readiness for IT as well as review progress against agreed deliverables.

  • Coordinates and reports on procurements for supplier services and technical assets as part of Global Network’s internal and external procurement processes and to monitor such directives as aging, cost efficiency, and inventory.

  • Drives monthly and annual budget and other financial projections and reporting utilizing agreed Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and other analytical elements to guide review levels and identify variances requiring attention. Drives the inventory of all costing against the annual budget such as the aligned cost drivers or cost of services to consumption drivers and other financials for escalation or adjustment.

  • Drives or coordinates audit, regulatory and governance reporting activities for the team and oversees the group’s appropriate measures in maintaining adherence to EY and IT directives for compliance and risk management. Oversees the identification of noted patterns in audit findings and variances to mandate compliance to recognize trends, identify efforts to streamline, strengthen and automate processes and/or procedures.

  • Leads best practice efforts across the assigned business team to establish and embed a formal knowledge management process including the development, delivery and maintenance of a unified knowledge repository utilizing shared EY communication resources including SharePoint.

  • Supports staff management directives for Global Network Services to create cohesiveness across the team and provide appropriate influence management and business reporting for the group’s leadership.

  • Supports the need to resolve team conflicts with a proven ability to implement and communicate difficult decisions as well as provide peer mentoring as appropriate.

  • Coordinates select staffing activities such as the maintenance and upkeep of job descriptions, compiles mobility and promotion readiness analytics as well as monitors recruitment versus staff levels based on location strategy.

  • Directs the Service Design, Engineering and Transition of all office LAN connectivity for all EY offices and client engagement sites, including

o Wired & WiFi connectivity for Staff & Guest

o Digital Workspace connectivity

o End Of Life Refresh

o Liaison with RIS & OSS

o Engagement Site coordination

  • Directs automation agenda for the functions in scope.

  • Achieves continuous service quality, cost and client satisfaction improvement with each release of the Service

Analytical/Decision Making Responsibilities:

The role requires a strong analytical acumen and solution orientation to understand the nuances Global Network Services deployed across geographic regions as well as to guide appropriate changes and activities within the directives of the role’s remit. Utilizes knowledge of aligned services to make role appropriate decisions and determine effective ways to address service and capacity issues and to monitor and maintain appropriate project and financial plan oversight and business reporting. The role additionally requires consultative questioning, influence management and critical thinking skills to understand a current directives and recommend viable solutions that are both effective and supporting the value to the business.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

• Individual must:

o Be highly skilled in the key role functions above, at an Engineering, Service Management and Business Management level.

o Understand separation of duties in the ITIL model and demonstrate Service Operations skillsets for performing L3 & L4 management

o Be able to work independently and carry out both innovation in and right-sourcing of service activities.

o Have experience managing distributed teams in multiple timezones and cultures.

o Be proficient at project, team, service and vendor management

• Maintains solid interpersonal skills to engage with senior executives of the firm, in cross business discussions within a matrixed, geographically dispersed organization and to build a solid network of peers and others of influence. Adapts personal communication style to the style of others, develops rapport and stays calm under pressure or escalating issues using advanced oral and written English communication skills.

• Is a competent people manager with excellent team leadership and motivation skills, taking an active role in development of staff and self. Conducts self with dedication to the mission and puts client delivery and satisfaction before own priorities. Provides mentoring to junior team members and extends self to colleague’s networks as appropriate.

• Projects well-defined consultative skill to conduct effective questioning , hone in on key directives to formulate ideas and materials as well as present those ideas clearly and concisely to all levels of the organization including senior and/or executive management

• Maintains an advanced comprehensive knowledge of IT service levels, pricing, business case development, and account management for the assigned business as well as the overall IT processes and operating environment to recognize and position improvement opportunities in the services provided within IT by the aligned vendors or internal operating of Global Network Services.

• Manifests a strong analytical and problem solving ability to escalate and negotiate complex and conflicting change issues, handle multiple and shifting priorities across a broad spectrum of operating environments and drive solutions that are both financially sound and operationally feasible for IT continuity management.

• Incorporates a working knowledge of effective vendor and supplier management disciplines as appropriate and aligned to procurement and other services in use by the business unit.

• Manifests a strong financial understanding of IT Services budgets and cost elements with the ability to perform market or competitor analysis and business domain or operations analytics.

• Develops an in depth and continuous understanding of EY’s business, the interconnectivity the assigned business unit has to the firm’s overall operating model and well as the risk and compliance directives and regulations governing same. Recommends or identifies the appropriate services and solutions as part of knowledge sharing and platform and services positioning.

• Manage projects by delegating work effectively and using appropriate resources. Utilizes the proper people, time and project management disciplines across a diverse culture and multiple time zones. Resolves team conflicts across the business with a proven ability to implement & communicate difficult decisions as well as provide individual, assigned team and peer mentoring as appropriate.

Supervision Responsibilities:

The role is a people manager and is guided by the Director of the assigned business unit.

Other Requirements:

The role may also require the periodic allocation of additional time on the job, including Saturdays and Sundays, to support multiple demands and escalating issues and can require some travel to support incident management (unplanned work) as well as change & problem management activities (planned work), project activities or global team meetings.

Job Requirements:


  • University degree in related technology field (Computer, Engineering, Science, etc.) Financial Management or comparable job experiences


Approximately 8 to 10 years of experience in an IT Infrastructure and/or Management role. At least 5 years in people management roles, including staffing and budget decision. Able to exhibit a progression of increasingly complex job responsibilities during the period inclusive of people, project and service management skills and service remediation techniques and planning. Additionally may require familiarity or experience in:

o IT service delivery, direct business engagement, and multiple technology domains

o Work with the ITIL methodology in the area of process engineering

o Work with IT services or technology product companies or as vendor manager or procurement manager

Skill & Certification Requirements:

o Project management and ITIL Foundational certification is recommended.

o Expert knowledge of routing, switching and security infrastructure

o Participation and contribution to industry movements such as the Open Network Foundation and Open Networking User Group