EY User Experience Design and End User Innovation in United States

Title: User Experience Design and End User Innovation

Location: United States

Job Number: UNI00ADS

Join our Core Business Services (CBS) team and you will help support the important business enablement functions that keep our organization running strong. As a CBS professional, you will work across teams to provide the knowledge, resources and tools that help EY deliver exceptional quality service to our clients, win in the marketplace and support EY’s growth and profitability. Major teams within CBS include Finance, Information Technology, Human Resources, Enterprise Support Services, Brand Marketing and Communications, Business Development, Knowledge and Risk Management.

The way EY people work together, and with clients, is becoming increasingly influenced by technology, and this trend is only likely to accelerate. As part of IT you may be responsible for large strategic enterprise application development, enterprise security, business intelligence, cloud and data center services, as well as other technology products. IT plans, develops and manages all technology used in EY to enhance service delivery, drive revenue growth and profitability and strengthen our competitive advantage as the most globally integrated organization in professional services.

With so many offerings, you have the opportunity to develop your career through a broad scope of engagements, mentoring and formal learning. That’s how we develop outstanding leaders who team to deliver on our promises to all of our stakeholders, and in so doing, play a critical role in building a better working world for our people, for our clients and for our communities. Sound interesting? Well this is just the beginning. Because whenever you join, however long you stay, the exceptional EY experience lasts a lifetime.


Job Summary:

Responsible for the creation and maturation of the User Experience Design methodology, leveraging industry techniques to define a target experience for end user technology. Ensure these techniques properly consider input from our people leveraging means that prove effective at EY. Draw on industry innovations in the user experience space to develop next generation UX concepts. Work with the Experience Engineer and Service Owners to validate their solutions are aligned with target experience designs. Baseline current end user satisfaction and create a means of measuring change over time.

Essential Functions of the Job:

  • Develop an experience design approach based on industry best practices that focuses on people interaction with end user technology being intuitive and desirable

  • Ensure that industry leading innovative thinking in user experience design is well understood and applied to target experience concepts

  • Understand and closely follow innovations in the consumer space that should influence and impact the target user experience concepts developed

  • Collaborate and lead innovation initiatives across the entire End User Technology Experience scope

  • Collaborate with firm Stakeholders across service lines and geographies to solicit input to the target experience and market it.

  • Work with various EY communities to sound and vet the target user experience and where required design and develop experiences which are tailored for a sub community (either geography or function sub community)

  • Enable the creation of storyboards, wireframes, mock-ups, and visual and interaction design collateral that tell the end user technology experience story

  • Design a consumer inspired, solution agnostic, target user experience of End User Technology that enables our people to perform at their best

  • Drive the end-user experience including all user interactions with End User Technology in a vendor agnostic manner

  • Maintain target user experience on a 2 year horizon (aligned with ability to deliver solutions and target experience)

  • Provide input to our Security, Risk and Legal functions to balance the target experience with security and or legal requirements to ensure the experience is not broken whilst security, risk and legal requirements are met.

Analytical/Decision Making Responsibilities:

The role requires a strong understanding of the desired of End User Experience by ensuring the appropriate analysis of input is performed to provide a balanced view of user preferences. Must be able avoid too strongly influencing the decision process, and instead recognize the importance of direct feedback and other inputs to ensure the voice of the customer drives our direction. Utilizes knowledge of various services functions to ensure the efficient handling of many data inputs to develop storyboards and materials that tell the EY user story which can be translated into technology solutions and services developed in EUTX by Service Owners and their teams. The role additionally requires consultative questioning, influence management and critical thinking skills to understand a current directive and recommend viable concepts that are both effective and supporting the value to the business.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

  • Maintains advanced interpersonal and stakeholder management skills to ensure strong collaboration and engagement from other IT and business teams required for the success of the function

  • Projects strong consultative skill to conduct effective questioning, hone in on key directives to formulate ideas and materials as well as present those ideas clearly and concisely to all levels of the organization.

  • Maintains an advanced comprehensive knowledge of Experience Design methodologies as well as the IT Services processes and the operating environment

  • Manifests a strong analytical and problem solving ability to escalate and negotiate complex and conflicting change issues, handle multiple and shifting priorities across a broad spectrum of operating environments.

  • Develops an in depth and continuous understanding of EY’s business, and the End User Technology Services related to the firm’s operating model.

  • Ability to influence changes to organization and processes required to ensure a successful implementation of the end user experience capability in EUTX

  • Excellent user research, interaction design, and visual design skills

  • Ability to relay visual specifications to engineering team (leveraging sketches, story boards, wireframes, process flows, etc.)

  • Critical thinking skills and ability to creatively solve problems

  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills

  • Must be able to think strategically about design and understand and contribute to EUTX strategy and vision

Supervision Responsibilities:

The role is assigned direct reports within Architecture and Design Engineering of the EUTX domain. The role may require management skills inclusive of recommending staff and service providers for hire, setting individual and business objectives, reviewing accomplishments, coaching for success and counselling for improvement. Assigned reporting staff may be remote based and/or in a work from home setting that will require distance management skills across locations, cultures and time zones. The role itself is generally guided by the Architecture and Experience Engineering Leader.

Other Requirements:

The role may also require the periodic allocation of additional time on the job to support multiple demands and escalating issues as well as travel to support change or planned project activities and to review global directives

Job Requirements:


  • College degree in related technology field (Computer, Engineering, Science, etc.) or User Experience design specific to software or technology solutions.


  • Approximately 10 years of experience in the technology field specific to end user technology and preferably with experience in experience design. Able to exhibit a progression of increasingly complex job responsibilities. Proven experience working on technology solutions for a global audience.

Certification Requirements:

  • User Experience Design certifications are preferred