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EY Splunk Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Analyst in Bangalore, India

Splunk Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Analyst

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Requisition # BLR006SS

Post Date May 21, 2020


  • The Compute Engineer – Supervising Associate supports the best practices in engineering activities aligned to specific applications and/or systems within Enterprise Workplace Technology (EWT). The person in this role creates the blueprints for data management systems to integrate, centralize, protect and maintain the data sources. Develops, constructs, test and maintains architectures. The data engineer has a background in software engineering and loves to play around with databases and large –scale processing systems. Thanks to these interests, he/she can easily master technologies and is therefore familiar with a diverse set of languages that span both statistical programing languages and languages oriented more towards web development.

  • The role supports the design and development of IT architecture (integrated process, applications, data and technology) solutions aligned to the overall enterprise architecture and direction from IT as well as EY’s compliance standards for technology development and deployment.

  • The role supports the technical planning, architecture development and modification of specifications based on business strategic directives or general and identified changes required for operational readiness in applications, systems, networks and servers.

  • The role participates in business reviews, develops specifications to meet engineering requirements aligned to new products or services being introduced as well as for changes to current applications and other core components of the IT infrastructure.

  • The role is expected to plan, research, evaluate, design and develop appropriate technology solutions/applications by applying engineering, hardware and software design theories and principles to maintain business as usual (BAU) functionality as well as identify, establish and coach others in best practices in solution engineering.

  • The role supports the integration of these new products and services proposed by participating in the appropriate planning of all phases of development including feasibility studies, time and cost estimates, build and testing for compatibility in order to achieve an integrated architecture across interdependent technologies.

  • The role is an individual contributor, though they are often asked to manage project aligned teams in their collaborative efforts and to coach less seasoned members of the team in directives. The role is managed by the Service Owner / Service Manager of the Enterprise Log Management and Analytics (ELMA) service.


  • Supports the best practices in engineering, design planning, development and aligned project management of all build activities for a specific new or existing application or system within EY.

  • Understands the broad and specific directives of EY products and applications both within the current service model as well any proposed modifications or additions to same. Uses this knowledge to identify and plan for approval appropriate solutions in response to assigned or identified basic to complex engineering directives.

  • Partners and works with the business and external vendors as necessary to ascertain and plan the proposed modifications necessary to meet and achieve the identified and agreed engineering modifications or build directives.

  • Support, propose a design and execute an architectural plan as needed to achieve the engineering directives inclusive of impacted applications, systems, networks and servers. Works with impacted business units, vendor and business resourcing and agrees change readiness and compatibility as well as timing required to achieve success.

  • Supports the activities of the agreed engineering project in a coordinated effort with other engineering, business and vendor resources as may be assigned to participate in design, build and delivery of a viable solution.

  • Identifies and communicates to the appropriate business leads the necessary delivery of components within the EY infrastructure and aligned configuration of same needed to support the engineering deliverable.

  • Support the alignment of the engineering plan with business priorities so that new designs and build plans as well as the budgeted spending is maintained throughout the development lifecycle. Supports the appropriate communication of accomplishments according to plan as well as notifies all of variances or contingencies in any aspect of the agreed design plan as they are identified.

  • Supports, as a point of contact, the engineering build–out work in progress and aligned service or application design activities by working with external engineers at the vendor locations, peers within the business as well as management.

  • Supports appropriate compilation and documentation of all engineering/development activities to appropriately capture all actions and activities.

  • Supports best practices in engineering/development solutions within the depth and breadth of the assigned business component of EY.

  • Creation of applications, dashboards, scripts and small programs to enhance the based product functionality, create integrations between other tools and services or automate manual repetitive / time consuming tasks.


The role requires an analytical acumen and solution orientation to probe for understanding and to make role appropriate decisions to address the nuances of assigned applications and/or services in current use across geographic regions or to solution within same. The role requires some consultative questioning, influence management and critical thinking skills to understand a current directive and identify and design viable engineering solutions that are both cost effective and supporting the value to the business. The role needs to drive the priority and time management of their own efforts and others (as applicable in group efforts) as well as communicate results and findings to affected individuals/business units and management as and when appropriate or necessary.


  • Desire and ability to thrive in a fast-paced, highly demanding, dynamic business and information technology environment.

  • Customer service orientation

  • Excellent knowledge as Splunk App Developer

  • Proficient Python skills

  • Advanced scripting and programming skills

  • In-depth knowledge and skills to use and apply descriptive and inferential statistics including probability, hypothesis testing, estimation, associations, correlation, regression analysis, and forecasting

  • Analytic and business intelligence skills to identify meaningful patterns, analyze them, and then integrate and communicate them via data visualization and reporting techniques

  • Strong data visualization, reporting, and communications skills and abilities

  • Significant Data Analytic skill (Business Analytic skills)

  • Good knowledge in the Splunk Enterprise Product – Splunk Administration beneficial

  • Agile Dev/Ops skills

  • Maintains solid interpersonal skills to engage across multiple levels of the firm, in cross business discussions within a matrixed, geographically dispersed organization and to build a solid network of peers and others of influence. Adapts personal communication style to the style of others, develops rapport and stays calm under pressure or escalating issues using advanced oral and written English communication skills.

  • Projects solid consultative skill to conduct effective questioning, hone in on key directives to formulate ideas and materials as well as present those ideas clearly and concisely across the organization.

  • Maintains an advanced knowledge of services and applications with the assigned EY processes and operating environment to recognize and position improvement opportunities and next generation solutions achievable through engineering.

  • Manifests analytical and problem solving ability to escalate and negotiate conflicting engineering issues, handle multiple and shifting engineering priorities across a broad spectrum of operating environments and provide solutions that are both financially sound and operationally feasible.

  • Develops an in depth and continuous understanding of EY’s business and the way IT’s Engineering teams adds to the effectiveness of the EY business. Identifies and positions appropriate services and solutions as part of both knowledge sharing and engineering services remit.

  • Manage engineering projects by delegating work effectively utilizing the proper people, time and project management disciplines across a diverse culture and multiple time zones. Works to resolve team conflicts through an ability to implement and communicate difficult decisions as well as provide individual, team and peer mentoring as appropriate.


  • The role is generally an individual contributor but can and will operate as a lead and therefore manage specific engineering projects and activities. From time to time the role may be asked to mentor and guide across time zones and cultures and maintain effective and efficient oversight of all aligned activities. The role itself is generally guided by the Enterprise Log Management and Analytics (ELMA) Service Owner/Manager.


  • The role may also require the periodic allocation of additional time on the job to support multiple demands and escalating issues or to accommodate teams or staff in other time zones



  • College degree in related technology field (Computer, Engineering, Science, etc.) or comparable job experiences aligned to a particular engineering directive.


  • Approximately 5+ years of experience in an engineering or development role

  • Software development experience with Python

  • Deep knowledge in Splunk Dashboard development

  • Rest API Architecture knowledge desirable

  • Particular MS Azure knowledge

  • Able to exhibit a progression of increasingly complex job responsibilities during the period inclusive of project management skills and engineering remediation techniques and planning.

  • Working in a virtual team spanning multiple continents and time zones is required


  • Splunk Administrator certification beneficial

  • Any MS certifications are beneficial