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EY Advisory - Financial Service - PI - Senior Manager in Beijing, China

Advisory - Financial Service - PI - Senior Manager


Requisition # BEI001L8

Post Date Jun 21, 2018

Whole industries have been disrupted and transformed in recent years by digital technology. As an IT advisory professional, you’ll help businesses realize the value they can gain from their IT investments — supporting strategy and being a key growth driver. As part of a high-performing team, you’ll deliver exceptional client service — providing advice on how technology enablement, digital transformation and enterprise intelligence contribute to performance improvement, as well as how IT can act as multiplying effect during major program transformations.

As organizations look to leverage the advantage IT offers, we’ll work with you to develop the consultancy and analytical skills that you’ll need in today’s environment. Working on projects that cross borders and sectors, the experiences you gain here will be more valuable than anywhere else. So whenever you join, however long you stay, the exceptional EY experience lasts a lifetime.

Financial Analysis, Performance Management Consultant - Banking


I. be responsible for the management, financial analysis, management or leadership value and overall construction plan of performance management solutions, including enterprise strategy analysis, customer value management, product management, KPI system design and management cockpit in areas such as innovation

Ii. Responsible for or leading business planning and marketing in these areas

Iii. Responsible for product selection and technical system design consulting services for the management of performance management

Iv. Responsible or leading project implementation process management


I. innovative intention

Ii. Working years: more than 7 years of consulting experience

Iii. Project experience: more than 2 Banks manage accounting, budgeting and assessment, KPI or management cockpit consulting or construction experience

Iv. Management ability: experience of project manager or group leader is preferred

V. Professional skills:

A. be able to accurately/analyze the management intention of banking, operation analysis method and internal and external reporting requirements

B. Can interpret and analyze enterprise development strategy and prepare strategic maps

C. master the design method of banking data application system

D. learn about Cognos, BIEE...The architecture, design, and development methods of the BI tools

HR Number: 85244