EY Senior Specialist-Operations Readiness Technical Guidence in Trivandrum, India

Senior Specialist-Operations Readiness Technical Guidence

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Requisition # IND00AW0

Post Date Jul 10, 2018

Job Description:- Operational Readiness is in the process of preparing and enhancing current team to perform and/or coordinate Operational Readiness Technical Guidence (ORTG) activities to help raise confidence of successful deployments for projects/programs. The objective of ORTC team is to co-ordinate with other teams to ensure the solution is ready to be used and deployed to production post mitigating any risks.

Service will be introduced for new and enhanced services primary focus on large or enterprise programs.

The Operational Readiness Technical Guidence role is responsible for coordinating and/or performing a series of checks to validate if a product is meeting all valid non fucntional requirement before deployment to ensure successful handover smooth deployment to production enviornment . This is to provide support to the program to ensure that operational requirements are met prior to introducing the service into the live network.

Operations Readiness Technical Guidence in the process of building team to perform and/or coordinate Operations Readiness Testing Function . The role would be having the responsibility of building the process ,toolkits /checklists required by the team to actively carryout the function .

Essential Functions:-

  • ORTG ensure that all the configuration on production system is done correctly. Configuration such as database, server is verified to avoid risks in production environment. Also, a sanity check is performed in this testing to verify application is functioning properly as expected before it is made live

  • ORTG is to check the usability and maintainability of the solution much earlier in the lifecycle, therefore enabling the stakeholders of Operations to decide whether the incoming solution is operationally acceptable or not

  • Coordinates and ensures that the tested solution is ready in terms usability and maintainability according to the operational standards and agreements.

  • Eases acceptance into operations.

  • Helps ensure the various components are tested and working prior to the deployments.

  • Allows application ownership to measure the Operational Confidence level.

What all do we look for or check in ORTG: Database backup ,Database Recovery ,Software Installation and Configuration ,Rollback ,Failover ,Performance testing results ,Regression ,Security ,Maintainability , Supportability

  • Analyse, approve or defer EOW of Projects based on aligned portfolios to validate how they have been performing post deployment in order to substantiate the approval or deferral.

  • Ensure that the Service Level Agreement & Operation Level Agreement for the warranty process is adhered to.

  • Work or follow up with ORDG/ORIF Analysts, Transition Analyst/manager, relevant GO teams to work towards getting the raised outstanding concerns addressed for the projects, which has been deferred earlier.

  • Contribute to the Permit-to-Operate process and decision

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

  • Strong skills in Defining OAT/ORT process and successfully implementing the same.

  • Functional testing and Performance engineering.

  • Good skills in in understanding of Functional and non-functional requirements of a given Project to be able to classify and have similar discussions related to requirements with relevant teams.

  • Good experience in leading Waterfall/ agile testing Projects and Performance testing projects.

  • Good experience in testing and creating toolkit/checklist on

  • Maintainability

  • IT Service Management (Supportability)

  • Installation and Backout

  • Component Testing

  • Performance, Stress and Volume,

  • Security and Penetration

  • Backup and Restoration

  • Failover (Within the same data center)

  • Component fail-over

  • Network fail-over

  • Recovery (across data centers)

  • Data recovery

  • Application/system recovery

  • Monitoring and Alerts (to ensure proper alerts are configured in the system if something goes wrong)

  • Have good experience in testing methodologies and tools.

  • Reliability testing

  • Usability testing

  • Efficiency testing

  • Maintainability testing

  • Portability testing

  • Baseline testing

  • Compliance testing

  • Documentation testing

  • Endurance testing

  • Load testing

  • Performance testing

  • Compatibility testing

  • Security testing

  • Scalability testing

  • Volume testing

  • Stress testing

  • Recovery testing

  • Internationalization testing and Localization testing

  • Good Understanding of different models followed across Service Management & Service Delivery

  • Experience in Requirements gathering, Performance Test planning, Creating Performance test scripts , Performance test execution, Monitoring and analysis, Detailed Test report preparation .

  • Clear understanding on creation of test script for business transactions in scope of each application, integrated system testing through Performance center, Monitoring through SCOM, AppDynamics etc.

  • Have good knowledge in Defect analysis and reporting.

  • Good Operational experience /understating

  • Infrastructure experience would be an added value .

  • Excellent communication skills(written & verbal-English)

  • Solid Interpersonal skills

  • Readiness or eager to learn and or adapt to any work environment

  • Sound technical knowledge with infrastructure and operations exposure

  • Sound knowledge on MS Office application packages(Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Visio etc)

  • Solid collaborative skills, to be able to work in a diverse & geographically dispersed organisation

  • Solid networking skills within peers and other work group

  • Flexibility and ability to work virtually across global time zones

  • Experience of working on complex technical solutions in a multi-vendor environment

  • Ability to manage broad range of stakeholders

  • Good Project Management experience or relevant experience in Project management for at-least 3 years desirable

  • Experience in working in some Enterprise & Large scale Projects

  • Periodically work on producing Reports/Dashboards for EOW/Warranty

  • Should be proficient with MS WORD/Powerpoint/Visio to create documents and presentations

  • ISTQB Advanced testing certification.

  • Sound understanding of ITIL or ITIL Foundation certificate preferred

  • Approximately 10-14 years of total or relevant work experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or a related discipline, or equivalent work experience.

  • Good understanding in Six Sigma or Lean Six Sigma practices is preferred or may be sourced from within the team.

Analytical & Decision making skills:

In this role, one would be required to assess a Projects scope, challenges or issues that might come up, issues/risks that can be avoided, impact of the CR(Change request) raised on GO thus would require sound analytical and prompt decision making skills. The role possesses & requires critical thinking skills and the ability to quickly identify and understand where there are gaps within projects, processes or in the ORTG model and to direct or propose changes to minimize any issues or risk.