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Anti-Money Laundering Specialist in Core Business Services

Job description

Anti-Money Laundering Specialist will research, prepare and complete the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) due diligence records for its Baltic clients. The candidate will be a member of a risk management team focused on the Know Your Client (KYC). The candidate will be responsible for the timely completion of KYC records, including “renewal”, “on-boarding” and “event driven review” of records, and managing the population concerning any expired records.

Key responsibilities

  • Prepare client-specific KYC-related analyses and complete Due Diligence where required.

  • Work with the Client serving teams to assess documentation requirements for client legal entities and jurisdictions.

  • Undertake KYC activities for the on-boarding of new clients, working closely with the engagement teams and service line administrators to ensure timely on-boarding and reduction of touch points.

  • Verify completeness and correctness of information (e.g. Ultimate Beneficial Owner is correctly identified, all documents are received and signed).

  • Perform public searches, search sanction lists, review and evaluate recent negative news related to clients.

  • Monitor of KYC status (documents to be received from the client, checking if documents received are signed by the same representative who actually signed the contract).

  • Liaise with internal Risk Management personnel on the application of KYC policy.


  • Analytical thinking and attention to detail

  • Commitment to learning and improvement

  • English and Latvian language proficiency

  • Positive professional attitude

What we offer you

  • Various development opportunities and on-going training programs

  • A friendly yet challenging work environment

  • All company benefits including health insurance and mobile services coverage

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