EY Senior Data Scientist in Poland

Senior Data Scientist

Core Business Services

Requisition # POL000R9

Post Date Nov 09, 2018

Technology has always been at the heart of what we do and deliver at EY. We need technology to keep an organization the size of ours working efficiently. We have 250,000 people in more than 140 countries, all of whom rely on secure technology to be able to do their job every single day. Everything from the laptops we use, to the ability to work remotely on our mobile devices and connecting our people and our clients, to enabling hundreds of internal tools and external solutions delivered to our clients. Technology solutions are integrated in the client services we deliver and is key to us being more innovative as an organization.

Job Summary: The position is part of a team that imagines, designs, develops and delivers software assets which use data, models and analytic methods to (a) enable line professionals to deliver work more efficiently and with higher quality; and (b) enhance our ability to win the market by demonstrating innovative uses of data. S/he works in collaboration with leaders and SMEs in various practices across Service Lines, and with software development teams on and off-shore.

Essential Functions of the Job:

As an asset development data scientist, develops a firm understanding of the essential business requirements through interaction with, and interrogation of, business SMEs and translates that understanding into designs that addresses the requirements, with maximum generality, using data science methods, including:

  • Data assembly, cleansing, validation

  • Data visualization

  • Statistical modeling, supervised and unsupervised machinelearning, mathematical programming

  • Inspects data to confirm that it is consistent withexpectations; modifies designs as necessary.

  • Using his/her preferred data science toolkit and appropriatedata, creates prototypes of key data manipulations, visualizations andmathematical modeling elements, validating and refining his/her designs.

  • Validates the designs with the business SMEs via discussion,examples, prototype demonstrations and documentation and iterates designs inresponse to negotiations with business SMEs.

  • Conveys the designs to the software development teams viadiscussion, documentation and prototype code. Ensures that the softwareimplementation conforms to design expectations via inspection and testing.

  • Collaborates with business SMEs in the development oftraining and reference materials to ensure that solutions are utilized in themost effective and highest quality manner.

  • In collaboration with the development team leadership, managesthe execution of the asset development work to ensure business stakeholderdelight in the quality, cost, and timeliness of the development and delivery.

  • In collaboration with the business team and development teamleadership, directs the execution of teams outside the business and developmentteams, especially ITS, Infosec and Data Privacy to ensure that appropriateinfrastructure and certifications are completed in conjunction with thecompleted asset delivery.

  • Builds personal relationships with Sector/Service Lineleadership to increase awareness of the Data Science asset developmentcompetency, and to facilitate effective participation in key pursuits andinitiatives.

  • Participates with account teams on designated key accounts,to supply expert guidance on both the availability and applicability ofexisting solutions; and to discover client needs which can be addressed withadvanced analytic solutions not currently developed.

  • Actively participates incommunities of data scientists across the firm

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:


  • Solid understanding of a range of statistical and machinelearning techniques and algorithms, such as logistic regression, KNN, decisiontrees, SVM, CNN, etc.

  • Solid understanding of basic applied statistics: distributions,statistical testing, regression, etc.

  • Experience with common data science toolkits, such as R,Weka, NumPy, Scikit-Learn, MatLab, etc. High degree of proficiency in at leastone.

  • Experience with data visualization tools, such as D3.js,GGplot, Tableau, etc.

  • Good scripting and programming skills; SQL proficiency.

  • Great verbal and written communication skills

Nice to have

  • Experience with NoSQL databases, such as MongoDB, Cassandra,HBase

  • Experience with Hadoop ecosystems

  • Experience with Alteryx or other data wrangling tools

Job Requirements:


  • Graduate degree in Operations Research, IndustrialEngineering, Computer Science, or related discipline.

  • PhD preferred.


  • Minimum of 4 years in the market with PhD or 7 years with MSdegree, designing and delivering services or solutions for which data modelingand analytics are a significant component.

Certification Requirements:

Nice to have:

  • CAP – Certified Analytics Professional